Indeed, hormonal contraceptives, as well as any other pharmacological agents have contraindications and can lead to some changes in the body.Therefore, it is recommended to take them only if prescribed by a gynecologist.

harm hormonal contraceptives.

official medicine claims that hormonal contraceptives do not carry any danger, as the dosage of hormones in them is negligible.However, long-term treatment there is a small risk of disturbing the natural hormonal levels.

is believed that taking a pill, a woman prevents ovulation.Actually ovulate.Just under the influence of pharmacological agents fertilized egg leaves the uterus after failing to gain a foothold on the wall of the organ.In fact, hormonal contraceptives provokes a monthly mini-abortion.

Receiving hypnotic and antibiotic drugs can significantly reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills.T
he wrong tool can provoke a set of excess weight.Another disadvantage of tablets is that unlike the condom, they can not protect against common genital infections.Oral contraceptives are recommended for women in the age period from 20 to 50 years.

Use of hormonal contraceptives.

Hormonal contraceptives can significantly reduce painful symptoms and irritability in women suffering from premenstrual syndrome.Often gynecologist specifically assigns a contraceptive that blocks the ovaries.After the course of such treatment, they begin to function without severe pain.In addition, the use of oral contraceptives reduces the duration of menstruation for 1-2 days.

Hormonal contraceptives are able to positively affect the appearance of a woman.Adverse positive effects include breast growth, the absence of acne and reducing the amount of body hair.

Supplementation of this group can be used as a preventive measure, if a woman has a predisposition to cancer of the reproductive system.Also, drugs are used to treat certain types of infertility.

independently use contraceptives is not recommended.Selection of funds should be made only on the basis of the results of medical examination.