Indications for hondoprotektorov

indications for therapy hondoprotektorami is a disease in which there is a process of destruction of the cartilage in joints: arthrosis, arthritis and periarthritis, low back pain, the formation of bone spurs on the spine, joint injuries, pathological changes of articular cartilage recoveryperiod after surgery on the joints.Application chondroprotectors advisable only in the early stages of the disease when the cartilage is still able to recover;at the stage of complete destruction of cartilage use of the drug useless.

as the basis of constructive treatment hondroprotektivnoe drugs prescribed by the doctor in each case individually.The course is taking the drugs long, at least 4 months.After this you need a break for 2-3 months, then a se
cond course of treatment.The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor, its duration depends on the condition of the patient.Action chondroprotectors appears slowly, but the analgesic effect is maintained for a long time - 3-6 months.Hondoprotektory for oral administration - a "Don," "arthritis" as "Struktum" "Teraflex" "Piaskledin" "Formula C" and others. Despite a long reception chondroprotectors well tolerated without causing side effects.

Application hondoprotektorov by injection

There hondoprotektory issued as a solution for injection ("Alflutop", "noltreks", "Adgelon", "Elbona", "hondrolon").Such compositions are administered intramuscularly, and the therapeutic effect in this case appears much faster.The course of treatment - 10-20 injections, then appointed hondoprotektory for ingestion.

By chondroprotector are deputies of synovial fluid that are based on hyaluronic acid ("Fermatron", "Synvisc", "Osten", "Sinokrom").They are entered in the large joints and synovial fluid substitute.The course of treatment - 3-5 injections.Sometimes, only one such procedure.The course is repeated after six months. Chondroprotectors contraindicated in pregnancy, during breastfeeding, in case of allergic reactions.
wary of these drugs used in diseases of the digestive system.

How to improve the efficiency of hondoprotektorov

In therapy hondroprotektorami overweight patients are encouraged to take measures to lose weight, because weight loss reduces joint pain.It is also necessary to avoid the heavy traffic on the affected joint, you must regularly engage in physical therapy, walking (daily, at least 20-30 minutes).Locomotor activity need to be alternated with periods of rest: after each spent hours on their feet, need to rest for 5-10 minutes in a sitting position or lying down.Preventing overcooling of the lower extremities.If these simple guidelines hondroprotektorami treatment will have a much greater effect.