best vitamin complexes for pregnant

One of the best vitamin and mineral complexes for pregnant women is the "Alphabet Mom's health."It consists of 11 minerals, 13 vitamins and taurine.The product is designed according to the needs of the body of a pregnant woman.Available in tablets, submitted in three different colors.Because of this, if there is a pregnant woman is allergic to any component of the drug, you can refuse to accept the tablets with the substance.Also these multivitamin containing iodine, calcium and selenium.But there is a preparation of folic acid, so the first 12 weeks of a substance should be taken further.Proper and regular intake of "Alphabet Mother's Health" reduces the risk of
miscarriage, promotes the adequate development of the fetal nervous system and calm pregnancy.Next

vitamin complex, popular among pregnant and lactating women - "Eleven Pronatal."The preparation consists of 12 vitamins and 7 minerals.Each tablet multivitamin contains the required dose of minerals, the recommended diet for pregnant.The drug helps to maintain the pregnancy quiet and well-being of future mother.Such a multivitamin is recommended for use for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women and the development of congenital malformations in the fetus."Eleven" does not contain iodine.

good vitamins are considered "Vitrum prenatal".They contain large amounts of iron, which is sufficient not only for prevention purposes, but also for the treatment of early stage anemia.Also included in the set of folic acid.However, "Vitrum" does not contain iodine.

Other known vitamins

In the first trimester of pregnancy, a woman needs vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, A, E, folic acid, iodine and calcium.In the second trimester of the female body needs iron, iodine and calcium, in the third - iron and vitamins D, A, and C. To fill the body the necessary nutrients to help vitamin complexes, designed specifically for pregnant women.

pharmacies can be found in multivitamins "Pregnavit" containing all the necessary vitamins while waiting for the baby.However the drug does not include trace elements and iodine.It is necessary to be afraid of receiving complex "Materna".Although it contains a sufficient amount of folic acid and iodine, but the dose of vitamins A and B is exceeded too, which could lead to undesired allergic reactions.In preparation "Complivit mother" Conversely, the dosage of vitamins A and D are lower than in other multivitamins.But in winter this dose may not be enough.