Use of castor oil as a laxative.Oil increases peristalsis.Now castor oil for this purpose is available in capsules.Typically prescribed one or two capsules before bedtime.
also castor oil is effective in the treatment of papilloma virus, or warts.It does not irritate skin and therefore can be used on any part, including the eyelids.For this purpose, apply oil with a cotton swab to the area of ​​destruction.Best of all - at night.To the oil remains on the skin for several hours, you can make a gauze bandage and fix its plaster.For small areas suitable bactericidal plaster.
With a cold can make the inhalation of a mixture of castor oil and eucalyptus.In equal proportion dripping oil in hot water, cover with a towel and breathe.Such inhalation reduce inflammation, swelling and
makes breathing easier.
Castor oil accelerates the healing and avoids rough scars, so is widely used in bruises, burns, fissures, hemorrhoids, cuts - any damage to the skin and mucous membranes.On the skin and mucous membranes can be applied to clean oil, and put tampons, or compresses soaked in oil.
to stimulate hair growth need to rub the oil into the roots of hair, wrap head with a towel and wash off after two or three hours.
to lash apply oil with a cotton swab along the entire length of eyelashes.Contact with eyes can not be afraid.Castor oil does not irritate the eyes and washed off with warm ode.
Removal of calluses and corns.Before pedicure attach to the foot wrap or locally - a cotton pad soaked with castor oil.It softens rough skin and makes the removal of corns quick and painless.
also castor oil rejuvenates, whitens, nourishes and heals the skin.For this purpose, the oil is applied to clean damp skin, fifteen - twenty minutes to wash off the excess without soap or wash lotion.
Finally, castor oil can be used for facial and body massage, pure or as a base for essential oils.To make the ether composition of castor oil, add a few drops of essential oils to fifty milliliters castor.Castor oil blends well with chamomile and calendula oil.