«Dolphin" is indicated for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the nose (rhinitis, sinusitis), acute respiratory infections, irritations of the mucous membrane of the nose.The drug promotes mechanical removal of pathogens that cause inflammation, improves the flow of mucus and pus from the paranasal sinuses, reduces swelling.It is composed of extracts of licorice and rose hips, iodine, sodium chloride, selenium, zinc, and magnesium salts."Dolphin" is produced in the form of a dry mix for preparing a solution.The solution was prepared by adding boiling water to a powder, whose temperature corresponds to the temperature of the body.Nasal lavage is performed using a special device, the device consists of a plastic bottle, the tube and the lid-dispenser.
To prepare the solution immediately before the procedure Dis
solve 2 grams in 240 ml of water having a temperature of about 36 ° C.Higher or lower temperatures decreases the therapeutic effect.The prepared solution was used within a single procedure.Rinse the nasal passages alternately.To do this, enter the dispenser into the nostril so that it fits snugly against the surface of the walls of the nose, lean over a sink or tub and rinse the nose by a smooth and slow squeezing of the bottle.Too rapid administration may injure the nose and lead to the fact that the medicine gets into the eustachian tube.If the drug is entered correctly, it starts to flow out the other nostril or the mouth.
After using half the solution, remove the bottle from the nasal passage and blew his nose.Then insert the vial into the second nostril and repeat.It is not recommended to carry out this procedure before going to bed or before you leave home, as the liquid can be released from the nasal passages.Rinse nose children in the same order.To prepare the solution of one gram of children "Dolphin" dilute 120 ml of water.
«Dolphin" is contraindicated in children younger than four years, with the full congestion of the nasal passages, with otitis, bleeding from the nose, with a deviated septum, in case of hypersensitivity to the components of the funds in the presence of tumors in the nasal cavity.Children and pregnant women are advised not to use the drug with herbal supplements.Side effects from the use of "Dolphin": epistaxis, arising from the rupture of blood vessels, allergic reactions, evstahiit (inflammation of the Eustachian tube).