Postinor without exaggeration, be called one of the most talked about drugs in the world.Some argue that it is completely harmless and perfectly helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies.Others argue that this drug causes the whole hormonal storm in a woman's body.But those and others believe that if they had to drink Postinor, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions.

What is it like and how the

Postinor Postinor - a hormonal contraceptive, which is usually taken after intercourse in case of emergency.With its help prevent unwanted pregnancy if this is not taken care of, for various reasons, in advance.According to the instructions, to
a drug load, it should be taken as soon as possible, the deadline - 48 hours after unsafe sex.

Represents Postinor tablets that you need to drink in 2 stages: the first after intercourse, the second 12 hours later.

combination of hormones in it, according to doctors killing.That is why it is mostly not suitable for consumption.Some doctors even claim that the use of such a drug only if strictly necessary and only 2 times in a lifetime.Those who are still in danger and decided to try this drug, should carefully read the instructions, to be clear, that may follow the reception of such tablets.

Postinor stops at the time of ovulation and prevents fertilization of the egg.In addition, it may cause the structure of the uterus, because of which, if conception occurs held mini abortion.

Among the side effects include weakness, headache, nausea, spotting the appearance and much more.In addition, the ladies are noted problems with the cycle.

advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of this drug is called a 100% result, iePregnancy comes guaranteed.And this is, perhaps, its only advantage.The downside of such a means of contraception is much more to be able to assess whether the game is worth the candle.

main active ingredient of the drug is a hormone levonorgestrel.Basic medical claim to the drug for emergency contraception is that it can have a negative impact even after the admission to the activities of the entire reproductive system of women.Most ladies who have already tried Postinor later can not conceive due to ovarian dysfunction and to make because of ectopic pregnancy.
After receiving Postinor woman should visit your doctor to check if everything is in order.In addition, it is desirable to pass a series of tests that will assess the damage done to the sexual sphere ladies.

It should be borne in mind that this drug does in some countries is prohibited.And it is better to take care of contraception, which reliably save you from a variety of problems.By the way, it should take into account that from sexually transmitted diseases Postinor not safeguard.