during correct introduction of the cream "Pharmatex" provides a high level of protection throughout the 10 hours, that is, enter the cream can advance and not before sexual intercourse, allowing you to feel comfortable being protected.

How to use the cream "Pharmatex»

necessary to hold the toilet of external genitals.Use with only pure water, since soap neutralizes active substance and the contraceptive effect can be greatly reduced.If you plan to take a shower, the cream should be administered "Pharmatex" no earlier than 2 hours after the water treatment.

Wash hands, prepare a tube of cream and a dispenser.Lie on your back, remove the laundry, set the metering device in the tube and fill it up annular labels or to stop the piston if
the annular mark is not visible.It is important that the dispenser was no large air bubbles, since voids can reduce the amount of cream and contraceptive efficacy is achieved.Disconnect the dispenser from the tube and insert it as deep as possible into the vagina.Slowly pushing the plunger, squeeze out the contents of the dispenser.After the introduction of the entire dose of the cream "Pharmatex" pull the dispenser out of the vagina and stay in a horizontal position for at least 10-15 minutes.

Features and Benefits

per administration used 5 grams of the drug in the tube is 100 grams of the drug, this is enough for 18-20 injections.Repeated intercourse requires introduction of another portion cream "Farmateks", otherwise the contraceptive effect is not obtained.Immediately after sexual intercourse can not take water treatments, it is allowed to wash the genitals with clean water.If you care to take a shower after sexual intercourse, use a foaming agent "Pharmatex" for personal hygiene after sex.

Do not use the cream "Pharmatex" together with other spermicides, lubricants can also reduce the contraceptive effect.If you resort to the use of the cream "Pharmatex" more than 2 times a week, you should consult your doctor for the selection of effective contraception contraception as long and frequent use cream "Pharmatex" can provoke vaginal bacteria overgrowth.

advantage cream "Pharmatex" over other forms of the drug issue is obvious: the contraceptive effect occurs immediately after administration and lasts for 10 hours.Other forms of the drug issue "Pharmatex" have their own characteristics, so this guide is relevant only for the cream.

Contraindications is the presence of inflammation in the vagina and the use of drugs for introduction into the vagina.When burning after the initial or any subsequent use of the cream "Pharmatex" to exclude an allergic reaction.If allergy caused cream, its further use should be discontinued.

«Pharmatex" can be used during breast-feeding, if the background of contraception "farmateks" originated pregnancy, it is recommended to save as an active substance does not adversely affect the fetus.

shelf life cream "Pharmatex" - 3 years from the date of manufacture, the drug should be stored at a temperature no higher than 25 ° C.