drug "Phenazepam" is used for the treatment of neurotic and neurosis and psychopathic and psychopathic states, accompanied by anxiety, fear, emotional instability, increased irritability and a general nervous tension."Phenazepam" is used in the treatment of hypochondriacal disorders.In particular drug is effective in the therapy of syndromes which are resistant to the action of other tranquilizers.

As a means of cupping anxiety and fears, the drug is indicated for reactive and psychogenic psychoses, panic reactions, obsessive-compulsive disorder, various phobias."Fenazepam" is used in the treatment of schizophrenia, accompanied by hypersensitivity to antipsychotics.

the treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse "Phenazepam" is used to relieve withdrawal symptoms occurring at the termination of reception of alcohol and drugs.Also, the
drug can be assigned with sleep disorders and various forms of epilepsy.In neurological practice, the drug is used for the treatment of autonomic instability, muscle rigidity, hyperkinesias and ticks.Also, the drug can be used in preparing the patient for surgery - as a constituent induction of anesthesia.


use of the drug "Phenazepam" counter with respiratory failure in the acute phase and obstructive pulmonary disease in severe chronic form.It should appoint a drug with severe alcohol poisoning involving violation of vital functions, as well as in drug poisoning and drugs.

drug is not used to treat severe depression because of the possibility of suicidal tendencies.Also, this tool is not used in angle-closure glaucoma, myasthenia gravis and hypersensitivity to constituents of the preparation.Persons in a coma and shock, adolescents under 18 years of age, pregnant and nursing women treated "fenazepama" contraindicated.

Precautions should be the therapy "fenazepama" in hepatic and renal failure, low protein in blood, sleep apnea, spinal and cerebral ataxia, characterized by impaired coordination of movements.Also, caution should be prescribed the drug for psychosis and organic brain diseases.Particular attention in the appointment "fenazepama" should be given to the elderly and people prone to abuse of stimulant medications.