Pitfalls when receiving advertising medicines

Currently on television and in the media touting pharmaceutical products which are released from pharmacies without a prescription.The majority of consumers learn about updates because of advertising.
Remember timely medical examination helps to identify serious disease at an early stage, which in turn is a guarantee of successful treatment.

And almost everyone understands that self - is not the best way to combat illness.Take, for example, seemingly harmless pharmaceutical formulation "Mezim Forte."It really helps with digestive problems and regulates the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract in the diet errors.

systematically Take this medication without a doctor's prescription is not recommended.Despite the fact that television advertising claim, di
gestive problems disappear completely, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions and visit the doctor gastroenterologist, who will appoint the necessary examination.

main danger advertising of medicines on television is that the consumer starts to use a pharmaceutical product without prior medical examination and without the advice of a doctor.As a result of the presence of serious health problems precious time can be lost.
even banal, regularly recurring headache - a reason to see a doctor and do not take pain medications advertised on TV.

Symptomatic treatment of pharmaceutical products sold without a prescription and acquired on the basis of advertising, for a long time can mask the symptoms of serious illness.

Moreover, without exception, the advertised pharmaceutical products have a wide range of contraindications, which in television advertising is not mentioned in detail.It is not necessary to self-medicate.If you want to buy one or another drug, get the advice of a doctor.
According to a State Duma deputy Anton Belyakov be completely prohibit the advertising of pharmaceuticals on TV.Self damaging effects on the health of the nation and leads to advanced forms of serious diseases.

Do the advantages of products advertised on TV

only advantage of TV advertising of pharmaceuticals - information about the updates.Do not forget, mostly advertise costly medications that have cheaper counterparts under a different trade name.