lactation Dosage reduction techniques are only used in exceptional cases, as even non-hormonal drugs act on receptors in the brain that can lead to negative consequences.Some medications are used to the full and simultaneous suppression of lactation, while others may be used to regulate milk production.This may be required, for example in the first weeks after birth.Many women glands produce a lot of milk, begin stagnation, and the child can not cope with the volume of food.If a woman needs to take drugs in which breastfeeding is not possible, a partial suppression of lactation greatly facilitate her life in this period, allowed to continue breastfeeding after drug withdrawal.

«Dostinex» ─ preparation on the basis of cabergoline has a strong and long-lasting effect, effectively reduces the levels of prolactin.Prolactin levels decreased after 3 hours after administration, the effect of the drug is maintained for 7-28 days, which allows to gradually reduce milk production.It should be understood dose dependency 'Cabergoline', that is, the higher the dose, the severity and duration of action.To prevent lactation, women give 2 tablets once.(1 mg) of the drug, while in the future it can resume breastfeeding if medical ban is lifted or female revise its outlook on breast-feeding.In cases where you want to suppress the established lactation, the drug is prescribed for half tablets 2 times a day for two days.

To correct giperlaktinemii administered 0.5 mg (1 tab.) Per week, the drug is taken once or divided into two doses.The daily dose should not exceed 1 mg (2 tablets.) And job half tablets (0.25 mg).The maximum dose for the entire course of treatment - 4.5 mg (9 Tab.).

«Bromkriptin" has a softer effect, mainly used for treating giperlaktinemii, to prevent mastitis and discomfort due to breast engorgement.The active ingredient is a derivative of ergot alkaloid, which is quite quickly eliminate the imbalance between progesterone and estrogen.The dosage is adjusted individually.First, a minimum dose - a quarter of a tablet, which is 0.6-0.7 mg, if within 12-18 hours lactation bounced back, further reception is not required.The maximum dose of 2.5 mg (1 tab.) 2-3 times a day.At high doses can not be excluded a complete cessation of lactation.

drugs have contraindications should be administered by your doctor.Some women are marked discomfort: nausea, vomiting, malaise, decrease or increase in blood pressure when changing body position.Usually reduction to medical lactation resort in cases where a softer methods are not effective.Tea with sage, wearing special underwear, refusal to drink and hot food helps in almost all cases, the short-term physiological giperlaktinemii.