Allowed painkillers

Today there are a number of analgesics, approved for use during pregnancy.However, they should be used only after consulting a doctor.Incubation of the baby is very crucial time, so it is important to eliminate any possible risk of successful completion of the pregnancy.

most common drug - is "Paracetamol".It was his most doctors prefer to prescribe, leading pregnancy.He is able to deaden the pain is not too severe.Also, this drug has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties."Paracetamol" crosses the placenta, without causing adverse effects on the development of the baby.

also to deal with the pain can be used "Analgin".But it is assigned, in exceptional cases only in
small doses, aslong-term use it is able to penetrate through the placenta to harm the child.Moreover, this drug thins the blood, so often its use reduces the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

effective against pain and is "Nurofen."Its use during pregnancy is quite possible, the main condition is the strict observance of dosage.However, the third trimester of this drug should be abandoned becauseit affects the amniotic fluid, significantly reducing its amount.

eliminate pain by virtue of such drugs as "No-spa" and "Riabal."They have antispasmodic action, effectively eliminating the pain.Their method is not prohibited, on the contrary, most gynecologists recommend that women in the position to wear "no-silos" with him becauseit lowers the tone of the uterus.

Any pain relievers during pregnancy is prohibited in the event that a woman identified certain diseases.For example, it is ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidney disease.Also, do not take risks, if you have asthma.It happens that analgesics provoke the appearance of any unpleasant symptoms.Chills, fever, abdominal pain or stomach, itching and rashes on the skin, edema caused by taking pills, should be a signal to stop the use of the drug and treatment to the doctor.

In the second trimester of pregnancy as an analgesic doctor may prescribe a patient "Spazmalgon" or "Baralgin" in the form of injections.

Allowed painkillers candles

often, if necessary, removing spasms or pain in pregnant women, experts advise them to use pain relievers candles.They quickly bring relief and are completely safe for the fetus.But they should be used only if prescribed by a doctor.The same "Paracetamol", "Nurofen" or "No-spa" issued in the form of rectal suppositories.Most are appointed during the childbearing drugs such as "papaverine" and "Buscopan", they are well reduce the increased uterine tone.

Allowed painkillers ointment

women in positions of familiar pain in the back, shoulders, they often occur dislocations and sprains - all this requires the use of some other drugs.Their use is possible only with the permission of the attending physician, becauseonly he can determine the cause of pain.Moreover, the majority of analgesic ointments and creams is strictly prohibited during pregnancy.Can be resolved, "Traumeel", "Fastum-gel", "Doctor Mom", "Diclofenac".