Before taking any medication a couple that decides to get pregnant through IVF, a medical examination, after which the doctor prescribes the most suitable medication.Widely used drug "Clomid".Usually it is beginning to take the fifth day of menstruation.If you include additional medication such as "Puregon", the "Clomid" appoint the third day of menstruation.During the reception, it is sure to do ultrasound to monitor follicle.It is necessary to monitor its maturation.When it reaches the required size, connect the drug "Pregnil", soon comes the long-awaited ovulation.Many couples with the first dose of the medicine pregnancy occurs, however, should take into account the age of the prospective parents and the length of infertility.

Vitamins is considered a must in the process of taking the drugs.In addition to proper
nutrition, need folic acid to prevent fetal abnormalities.

¬ęClomid" is available in tablets for oral administration.It is well absorbed from the gut.This antiestrogenic drug that binds to estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus and thereby blocks the negative feedback system.While there is a course of the drug in the blood increases the concentration of estradiol.After discontinuation of estradiol continues to grow, activated mechanisms poloitelnoy and negative feedback, and ovulation occurs.That is "Clomid" launches the very mechanisms that take place in the body during a normal menstrual cycle.

Alternative drugs

Assistant in the growth of follicles can also be considered as the drug "Menopur."It is injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly.At first, the drug is administered in small doses.If reaction is observed, the dose is gradually increased.When the follicle growth begins, apply just the right amount, with which he started, and so on until the final result.Typically, pronounced effects are not observed, though it depends on the patient's body.

With stimulation has gained good reviews drug "Puregon."It differs from other drugs in that the application of possible maturation of not one, but two follicles.He introduced subcutaneously or intramuscularly.Ultrasound is mandatory.The drug is contraindicated in cancer, uterine bleeding, diseases of internal organs.This drug during the existence has received many excellent reviews from physicians and from patients.Among the side effects - possible ectopic pregnancy, allergy, edema."Puregon" and alcohol are incompatible, so the period of treatment for alcoholic beverages must be abandoned.