learn how to take care of the intimate area, many women have only a superficial understanding.But it is not only clean, but also to preserve the proper acid - base balance and the beneficial microflora of genitals.Improper care of the vulnerable and delicate area of ​​the perineum can be fraught with inflammatory diseases.

Modern medical industry produces a wide range of intimate cosmetics that offer women protection and comfort, this intimate gels, mousses and foams, soaps, creams, deodorants and wet wipes.Each tool is designed for different conditions and fulfills its specific function.

How do intimate means?

Intimate gel, foam or mousse.They are virtually identical and differ only in consistency.The gel has soft detergent properties and contains various inflammatory and wetting agents (e.g., glycyrrhizic gel and lactic acids).It supports the physiological pH level of intimate areas and the natural microflora of the mucous membranes of the genitals.Relieves irritation and inflammation, suitable for daily hygiene in the critical days and during pregnancy, as well as before and after intimacy.

intimate soap is different from the ordinary in that it is more tender consistency.It contains extract of herbs and moisturizing ingredients.This soap no preservatives, dyes and perfumes.Designed for delicate cleansing genitals.

Cream for personal hygiene is designed for dry and prone to irritation of the skin of the perineum.Generally, the composition contains lactic acid and components soothing.Cream protects mucous membranes from pathogenic microorganisms and provides comfort.

Intimate deodorant.Of water-based, odorless, but it eliminates the unpleasant natural "fragrance" on the road or at work.Wash, of course, no substitute for deodorant.

Wipes help out when you can not take a shower.They are usually impregnated with milky lotion acids and herbal extracts.