Carefully read the instructions

As banal as it may sound, most of the recommendations and warnings for receiving multivitamins contain it in the manual.Modern vitamins and minerals are very different technologies for the reception, assimilation time and intensity of exposure, so you should follow the recommendations listed in the summary.

Interestingly, while taking various vitamins should be very different.For example, vitamin D is best taken in the morning, and magnesium preparations - before going to bed.Vitamin A and krill oil optimally absorbed if you swallow them during meals, while the vitamin C you need to take in the morning and evening.Qualitative multivitamin complexes usually contain several tablets of different compo
sition, designed for receiving different times during the day.And that observance of the instructions is the cornerstone of the effectiveness of these drugs.

If you exceed the dosage, you may experience an allergic reaction, often quite strong.A disruption in the reception or wrong administration of drugs threatens the absence of a positive effect.Simply put, you can spend a fortune on a magic-art complex of vitamins is absolutely vain.The fault here is not to look.

What kind of vitamins you need?

most difficult thing - to understand what exactly is missing your emaciated body of vitamins.Most people start taking vitamin complexes in winter when power is running out, and the store fruits and vegetables can no longer replenish vital elements.But do not swallow the drugs without thinking.The best thing in this situation - a blood test.According to the results the doctor can tell you what drugs are now most shows.

There are a few general tips for the selection of multivitamins.Vegetarians, for example, need vitamin B12 and iron, and those who sit on the diet, be sure to consume more calcium and magnesium.At constant the use of contraceptives in the body is sometimes a shortage of vitamin B6, which also leads to tiredness and fatigue.Choosing a multivitamin preparation, always make sure that you desired elements are present in it in an amount to 50-100% of the daily rates of consumption.And good luck.