Indications for "Amitriptyline»

«amitriptillin" prescribed for depressive states (reactive, involutional, drug, endogenous) nature, developed on the background of alcohol abuse, with organic brain lesions, accompanied by sleep disturbances, anxiety, agitation.

drug may appoint at schizophrenic psychoses, affective disorders mixed, with behavioral disorders, nocturnal enuresis, bulimia nervosa, chronic pain (migraines, atypical facial pain, cancer, injuries and diabetic neuropathy, post-herpetic neuralgia, rheumatic pains). «Amitriptyline" may designate in peptic ulcer stomach, for the prevention of migraine headaches relief.

Instructions for Use "Amitriptyline»

«Amitriptyline" taken after meals.The initial dose is 25-50 mg.Within 5-6 days of daily amount of the drug is increased to 150-200 mg, they should be divided into three stages.If after two weeks the conditio
n improves, the dosage is increased up to 300 mg per day.With the disappearance of the symptoms of depression, the daily amount of the drug is reduced to 50-100 mg."Amitriptyline" must be taken at least three months.

Elderly "Amitriptyline" administered in an amount of 30-100 mg, the drug is taken once a day at night.When the patient's condition improves, you must go to the minimum daily dosage of 25-50 mg.If nocturnal enuresis children from six to ten years for the night give 10-20 mg, children of eleven to sixteen years - 25-50 mg per day.When depressed children six to twelve years, "Amitriptyline" administered in an amount of 10-30 mg or 1-5mg / kg per day, fractionally.Children over twelve years of preparation is given three times a day to 10 mg. antidepressant effect usually develops within 14-28 days after receiving the drug.

contraindications, side effects "Amitriptyline»

«Amitriptyline" is contraindicated in severe hypertension, conduction disturbance infarction, liver, severe kidney disease, atony of the bladder, while prostatic hypertrophy, with paralytic ileus.The drug is not prescribed for hypersensitivity, children up to six years, lactating and pregnant women.

«Amitriptyline" can cause blurred vision, dry mouth, impaired urination, increased body temperature, increased intraocular pressure, constipation, intestinal obstruction.The possible negative effect of the drug described in the summary.Side effects tested after decreasing the dose or the patient after addiction to a drug."Amitriptyline" available on medical prescription, the price of the drug is readily available.