Product description "Bioparox»

active substance "Bioparox" is fusafungine.This component is separated from the culture of the fungus Fusarium lateritium, is an antibiotic.Fusafungine It has a potent bacteriostatic effect on a wide range of microorganisms: Gram-positive and Gram-negative aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, and fungi of the genus Candida.Under the influence of the drug bacteria and microorganisms lose their ability to reproduce, grow and produce exotoxins.

Reviews of preparation

«Bioparox" received positive reviews and recommendations due to its effectiveness.The drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, which makes it possible to reduce the swelling of the airways and in a short time to overcome the disease."Bioparox" acts directly in the foci of infection, which increases its effectiveness.

How to use "Bioparox»

drug use by inhalation - through the nose or mouth.Before using the cylinder must be activated by pressing 4 times its base.Inhalation is necessary to carry out four times a day, regardless of age, and the mode of application. The course of treatment lasts no longer than 7 days.

nasal inhalation performed at rhinitis, sunusitah and rhinopharyngitis.For inhalation is necessary to use a special nozzle: vzroslym- yellow, children - transparent.The nose must be cleaned before the procedure.Holding the bottle vertically, the nozzle must be entered in the nasal passage and, taking a deep breath and push until it stops at the base of the cylinder.The second nostril and mouth when it should be closed.This procedure must be performed for each nasal passage.Adults and children over 12 years: 2 doses "Bioparox" in each nostril for the procedure for children aged 2.5 years - 1-2 doses.

Inhalation "bioparoks" carried out through the mouth for the treatment of pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis.This procedure is used nozzle white.The container should be held upright, slightly tilting.The nozzle must be put in the mouth, holding her lips.Deep breathing in through your mouth, you have to press all the way to the bottom of the cylinder.After administration of the drug for a better irrigation of the trachea, bronchus and tonsils it is recommended to hold your breath for a few seconds.Dosage for adults and children over 12 years old is 4 doses "Bioparox" for inhalation, for children over 2.5 years - 2-4 doses for 1 procedure. Nozzles should be disinfected on a daily basis by wiping them soaked in alcohol with a cotton swab.

Contraindications and warnings

contraindications to the age is 2.5 years, and individual sensitivity to the "Bioparox."Individuals who are prone to allergies, breastfeeding and pregnant women taking the drug is not recommended.