Action drugs and indications

drug restores the balance of oxidative and antioxidant reactions of the body and helps to improve the assimilation of various medicines, which developed resistance due to prolonged use.The medicine can achieve the effect of detoxification and helps in the fight against various bacteria and viruses.Chronic administration "Imunofan" is able to restore the immune system and stimulate the body's production of various antibodies that can withstand whatever pathogens. Before using the drug should consult a doctor.

«Immunofan" is used in the treatment of a large number of diseases.Most often it is required for the reception of immunodeficiency and toxic condition of the body as well as in c
hronic inflammatory processes.For example, drug therapy is often included in the treatment of cancer by inhibiting tumor drug resistance and increasing its sensitivity to medical devices."Imunofan" is used in pediatrics for the treatment of allergies, psoriasis, gynecological, and the development of lung disease. The drug is widely used in veterinary medicine and is used in the treatment of both animals and birds.

use and contraindications

drug is available in several forms: candles, an injection or a nasal spray.When rectal administration for the treatment of cancer medicine is taken once a day, every day, for 8-10 days before chemo-radiotherapy and surgery.The course is extended and during treatment.When infection drug is given 1 time per day and the duration of treatment is approximately 10 days.In the treatment of HIV-1 to be applied suppository for 15-20 days.If necessary, repeated after 2-4 weeks.If the drug is administered in the form of injections, the dosage is reduced to 1 to 2 times of reception of the day at a dosage of 50 micrograms.Nasal Spray is used for one injection every bow entrance, 1 time a day 1 dose. route of administration and duration of treatment is chosen individually, taking into account the indications and contraindications for use.

Among the side effects of the drug noted the appearance of allergic reactions to some components.Prohibited medication during pregnancy complications in the form of Rh-conflict, children under 2 years of age and people with hypersensitivity to the components of the means.During the reception, it is recommended to refrain from drinking and follow the dosage indicated in packing.