main component of the preparation "Relief" is a shark liver oil.It is rich in a variety of vitamins and glycerol, promote rapid healing of wounds, relieve pain and stimulate the body's immune protective properties.Liver oil reduces itching and speeds up the healing of injuries and damage to the mucosa of the anus.Excipient phenylephrine constricts blood vessels in hemorrhoids, that improves the flow of blood and the balance in the region.Also, Vaseline and cocoa butter, are part of the drug, reduce inflammation and soreness at the site of the lesion.Hydrocortisone acetate helps eliminate swelling and itching, benzocaine - freezes the sensitivity of nerve endings, and zinc sulfate - heals wounds and microtrauma.
Pregnant recommended
suppository administered rectally one candle in the morning and before bedtime.The course of treatment is seven days.Before using the product should be carried out hygiene procedures.Freeing candle from its protective packaging, it should be rounded end enter into the anus.After application must lie within 20 minutes.
Side effects from the use of "Relief" is developing very rare.However, the recommended dose is significantly exceeded may experience redness and itching in the anal area.The drug is not suitable for high sensitivity in the individual components of the drug to pregnant, granulocytopenia and thromboembolic disease.You also can not use candles in diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and hypertension.During pregnancy is completely counter-drug "Relief Ultra".
order to "Relief" has shown high efficiency, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and a doctor's prescription.Also, we must not limit their mobility and eat right.
In the first trimester of pregnancy, the fetus begin to form all systems and organs.At this time it is better to refrain from the use of any medication.Is no exception and the "Relief".Even though the drug safe, there is no accurate evidence and research that the drug will not have a negative impact on the fetus.Therefore, during pregnancy to prevent hemorrhoids must often walk and be physically active, keep drinking regime and included in the diet, vegetable oils and dairy products.