«Enterofuril" is available in capsules in a gelatin shell and suspension for children.Doctors prescribe the drug to readiness analysis of vomit and feces, in order to reduce treatment time and speed up the healing process."Enterofuril" during the reception tends to activate the human immune system by increasing the phagocytosis.Also, the drug does not affect the favorable intestinal flora, thus not allowed the development of dysbiosis.

drug should be taken in cases where the patient is not identified allergic reactions to it and there are hypersensitive to substances from the group of nitrofurans.Effective treatment is achieved, if the patient is ill with infectious organisms such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, salmonella, klebsiela, klostidiya, Shigella, Campylobacter and enterobacteria.

Application "Enterofuril»

Many doctors recommend the use of "Enterofuril" acute and chronic diarrhea, in addition to diarrhea caused by worms.Also, the drug is prescribed for chronic diarrhea and colitis in the iatrogenic diarrhea after taking strong antimicrobial drugs.

medicine should be washed down with plenty of liquid without destroying the integrity of the capsule before the meal.The capsule should not be divided and chew.The suspension is necessary before each use, shake well.The drug should be taken during the day at regular intervals.

The duration of treatment and the daily dose "Enterofuril" should be appointed doctor for each patient individually.For the treatment of children of 7 years recommended to take the drug as a suspension for an older age can be in the form of capsules and suspensions.

daily dose for children 2-7 years should not exceed 600 mg.Typically, doctors prescribe 200 mg three times a day.The duration of therapy is not more than 7 days.Adults and children from 7 years old to drink the medicine prescribed 200 mg four times a day for a week.

For children from 1 to 6 months prescribed "Enterofuril" 100 mg 2 or 3 times a day.The daily dose should not exceed 300 mg.The duration of treatment and 7 days.Kids from 7 months to 2 years to take medication, 100 mg four times a day.The course of therapy is also a week.

Contraindications and side effects

«Enterofuril" in most cases well tolerated by patients.In some cases, it may develop hives.The drug should be discontinued if side effects begin to appear.

«Enterofuril" is contraindicated in neonates up to 1 month and if you are hypersensitive.Medication capsules should not be taken to children 7 years.

During pregnancy taking the drug without a prescription is not recommended.During lactation doctors allowed to drink, as it does not penetrate into breast milk.