Instructions for Use "Plantex»

Medicament "Plantex» (plantex) is sold in the form of granules for solution.It is a small friable pellets having a light brown color and characteristic odor fennel.A single dose of five grams and comprises fennel essential oil (2.4 mg), dry fennel fruit extract (250 mg) and auxiliary components (acacia gum, anhydrous dextrose and lactose).Each unit dose placed into a separate multi-layer bag.The cardboard package contains ten bags for solution.

«Plantex" reduces pain from abdominal cramps, improves digestion, increases the secretion of gastric juices, stimulates peristalsis.The drug is quickly digested and helps digestion, prevents frequent flatulence in the intestine facilitates expectoration.The drug "Plantex" is used in neonates with two weeks of age and older children in spastic pain in the gut with a mild dyspepsia, when transferring the b
aby from breastfeeding to infant formula, when replacing the milk mixture.

medicine given to children after meals, between meals is better.The contents of one sachet should be poured into a cup or bottle and dissolve half a glass of warm boiled water.Children under one year of the day appoint one or two sachets (5-10 g) "Plantex."Babies with one to four years at 2-3 day administered sachet (10-15 g) of the drug.The solution has a neutral taste and is well tolerated by babies infants. Newborn solution of the drug to be used in the fresh form.Do not add to a solution of sweeteners and any other ingredients.

Contraindications to the appointment of "Plantex»

drug is contraindicated in detecting increased sensitivity, with lactase deficiency (a condition where the violation occurs assimilation of dairy products), galactosemia (a hereditary disease in which there is a metabolic disorder in the conversion of galactoseglucose) malabsorption of glucose / galactose. «Plantex" not recommended for use in women during pregnancy and lactation in the absence of clinical data.

On reviews "Plantex" can sometimes cause allergies.No cases of overdose have been identified.Clinical data on the adverse drug interactions with other drugs are not available."Plantex" is sold without a prescription.