you need
  • - medical consultation
  • - long treatment
Before treatment, you need to understand that the fungus - is a serious disease that requires painstakingtreatment and proper care.The fungus can be transmitted from person to person, often in public places such as sauna, swimming pool, showers, fitness clubs.
As you can understand that this fungus?

first symptoms of the presence of the disease are: nail thickening, or separation, yellowing of the nail plate, constant itching and burning between the toes.
fungus treatment

fungus treatment - it is a responsible step, after which you should do them quickly.There is
a huge amount of money for the treatment of disease.Consider the most popular ones.

Folk remedies for fungus

Long since all illnesses could find a bunch of folk remedies and fungus on the nails is no exception.Considered a good remedy compresses with Kombucha.Mushroom pulverized into pulp and prepare an infusion of it, and then apply compresses for 2-3 months in the affected areas.
You can also use the recipe soda solution.1 tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in 3 liters of water.This solution steamed legs and then make application with tea tree oil.
Modern facilities for the treatment of fungal

If you are one of those people who do not believe in folk wisdom, you can easily find a tool on the shelves of the pharmacy windows.Consider the most popular for the treatment of fungus.

Nail "Loceryl» ​​

Lacquer is a clear colorless liquid, which is applied once a week on the affected nails.The course of treatment is about six months.According to responses in 80% of the nail is very effective and eliminates fungus in compliance with all regulations.
Therapeutic Serum "Mikozan»

composition "Mikozana" might make you wonder: the filtrate extract of rye and water.It seems to be a fairly simple structure, but on the Internet you can find hundreds of rave reviews about this preparation.