Composition and pharmacological properties

drug "Dr. Mom" ​​has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, due to the fact that it consists of the following components:
- menthol;
- camphor;
- thymol;
- nutmeg, eucalyptus and turpentine oil.


Use this drug is recommended as part of combination therapy for respiratory diseases.Furthermore, it is effective in cramps and backaches, muscle and head.

apply ointment "Dr. Mom" ​​can be for adults and children older than three years from 2 to 3 times a day.When a cold drug in a small amount applied to the skin sinuses.When you cough caused by acute respiratory illness, spread a thin layer of ointment on the chest.If

worried headache, it is necessary to take a very small amount and apply
to the temporal region.When back spasms ointment rubbed lightly on the land, which hurts, and then covered with warm dressing.

Contraindications and side effects

drug "Dr. Mom" ​​is not recommended, unless the patient is hypersensitivity to its components.Also, it is undesirable to use in whooping cough, croup false, propensity to cramps, burns, eczema, dermatitis and purulent diseases.In addition, it is not recommended to use the drug to pregnant and lactating women.

Ointment "Dr. Mom" ​​has the following side effects (occur in some cases):
- allergic reactions: rash, redness, irritation of the skin and mucous membranes;
- dizziness;
- increased arousal;
- seizures (occur because of the presence in the composition of camphor);
- bronchospasm.

When such reactions should immediately stop using the ointment and seek medical attention soon.

Specific instructions for use of the drug

use the ointment "Dr. Mom" ​​only externally.It can not be rubbed into the nostrils, applied to the mucous membrane of the eyes, mouth or nose.If you get them the funds should immediately wash the body parts with plenty of water.

can not cause the drug to damaged areas of the body to avoid irritation.Use the ointment "Doctor Mom" ​​for children over 3 years only with caution and under medical supervision.Nor should it be used with other creams and used in large quantities.