Iron comes in two forms.Heme contained in hemoglobin and non-heme.The first type is almost completely absorbed by the body, a second digestion with problems.Heme iron found in meat products.Especially a lot of it in the liver, kidneys, rabbit and turkey fillets.In smaller quantities it is contained in chicken, beef and lamb.
non-heme iron is found in plant foods: beans, fresh herbs, vegetables, and whole grains.Trivalent Fe is not absorbed by the body.To convert it to a bivalent - need vitamin C contained in sweet pepper, lemon, rose hips.
part of some iron-containing vegetables include ascorbic acid, so the element is absorbed better.Legumes, such as b
eans or soybeans, deprived of vitamin C. They must be consumed in conjunction with vegetables that Fe absorbed by the body and does not pass in transit.At deficiency of an essential element, change the diet and health problems step aside.
Iron - an essential trace mineral for humans.Unlike calcium, which is accumulated in the bones, in the consumption of Fe body needs daily.The trace element is responsible for the supply of cells with oxygen, which carries the hemoglobin, and the immune system.When iron deficiency anemia develops.The number of red and white cells is reduced and the body becomes an easy prey to infections - colds.
To protect against cold body needs iron.If the child does not receive the required dose of Fe, his mental and physical development begins to slow down.It is in childhood and adolescence element required by the body the most.Adults with a deficiency of iron unwell, weakness, irritability.Therefore, a trace element - a pledge of good mood and prolonged performance.
Women complain about brittle nails, hair loss and dry skin.These are signs of iron deficiency, and a signal that the diet requires a change.Most micronutrient in the blood, the smaller - in the skeletal system and the liver.Ferum, part of the liver, fights toxins, ensuring normal operation of the body.It enhances the activity of the brain and calms the nervous system.
Iron deficiency causes the appearance of eczema, dermatitis and other skin diseases.In such ailments funds for outdoor using, you need to replace products containing trace mineral required by the body.Ferum helps the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and normal patency of air through the airway.The need for iron is high and regular.Lack deplorable effect on the health and well-being.