external manifestations of infection oktodektozom

Ear mites are so small that you can only see with a microscope or magnifying glass ordinary, having some experience.This rise is visible insect dull light brown in color, at first glance, completely harmless.Harmless, unless you know what suffering it can cause to the person chooses his master.Recognize the tick can be by how the animal begins to comb the ears, sometimes even before the bloody scratches.If you look inside the ear, you will notice the gray-brown mass lining the ear.Normally appearance it resembles coffee grounds, and in particularly severe cases incorporates the admixture of pus and blood.

How to see the tick

Anyone who wants to
see the tick directly, you will need to collect ear discharge with a cotton swab over a black sheet of paper.Dropped familiar environment, ticks will crawl around, that's the point of these small crawling is one of the worst parasites that infect dogs and cats.

Complications of ear mites

mites cause much suffering to animals.Pets begin to experience the incredible itching that does not let up from the usual scratching.Sometimes scratching goes so far that the animal's ear tearing up the bloody wounds, while shouting in pain.If time does not help him, the ear mite, a parasite usually outside, can we let deep into the body, capturing the ear canal, eardrum damage, moving further in the direction of the brain.Seriously ill animal is not only ceases to hear, but also begins to experience balance problems, he may have nausea and dizziness.


To avoid such complications, it is necessary at the first sign of infection otodektoz take a cat or dog to the vet.With the otoscope Doctor detects how far the disease has progressed and there are no foci of inflammation in the ear.Upon completion of treatment, he may recommend the use of special drops applied to the withers of the animal in order to prevent re-infection.If the house or apartment is home to several animals have to treat everyone, even those who at first glance seems perfectly healthy.Mites are very contagious and are able to for a long time unnoticed.Long before they become visible brown deposits inside the ear, which are nothing but the excrement of these pests, they can parasitize on the animal, biting him and causing suffering.