most dangerous in terms of complications of early postoperative period.That is why in the first week after surgery should pay attention to any changes in their health status.Even if the deviation in the state of health you seem insignificant or natural, report them to your doctor so that he appreciated the gravity of the situation and, if necessary, take action.
If there are no contraindications, begin to move on the second day after surgery.Even turning from side to side a positive impact on the work of the intestine, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.Movement must be careful, however, or most likely will not work because of pain in
the joint.If doctors do not allow yourself to change the position of the body, perform breathing exercises.Several rhythmic breaths satiate weakened body with oxygen, which is, of course, would do him good.
great importance in the recovery period is proper nutrition.On the first day after surgery appetite usually absent.However, you can not go for the food, even if you feel hungry.Initially allowed only light food: chicken broth, rice or oatmeal broth.From drinks allowed fruit drinks, fruit drinks, sweet tea and, of course, water.On the second day after the operation in the absence of contraindications diet can be extended by fermented dairy products and cereals.In the following days you can gradually introduce vegetables, fish and meat.Well, if they are steamed.
help speed recovery walking outdoors.If doctors do not have fear for your condition, you can go out on the third day after surgery.Although it all depends on the severity of the operation.In some cases, bed rest is necessary for a week or more, and therefore have to postpone trips.
after surgery due to inadequate supply of drugs and the negative impact of the body suffers from a lack of vitamins and minerals.You can make up for it with the help of pharmaceutical products, but it is better to take a balanced nutrient mix.Choose the right doctor to help.