main causes of congestion ear

One of the main causes of congestion ear is sharp pressure drop.Such effects may occur, for example, while traveling on a plane, traveling by means of an elevator or riding a big attraction.

sharp drop in blood pressure can also cause ear congestion.In this case, the main role is played by the weather conditions, sudden movements or prolonged headaches.

congestion often occurs during or after any disease.In this case, such an effect is to cause particular concern.When prolonged congestion for a few days is better to seek professional help.During colds mucus from the nose can hit the department in the ear, which
will cause serious consequences in the absence of proper treatment. To prevent congestion ears while flying in an airplane should be gently massaged his temples.

In some cases, the causes can be improper nasal hygiene.If, after cleaning the ears with cotton sticks effect does not pass, you should immediately consult a doctor.

methods eliminate congestion ear

If you laid the ear due to pressure drop, the best way to eliminate this effect are deep breaths.You can try to yawn or swallow saliva several times.

When water gets into your ears, gently clean the better ear with the help of a cotton swab.Making such a procedure should be with great caution, if it is better to head tilted to the side, from the pledged ear.

If the cause of congestion is transferred colds, it is best to use a special saline solution.You can make it yourself or purchase any medicines containing sea salt, such as nose drops or spray washing.Independently such a mixture can be made, diluted in a glass of warm water a teaspoon of salt.Rinse in this case, you have no ears, and nose.Remove mucus, you can reduce the load on the ear department. Under no circumstances should you try to get rid of a stuffy ear using hard or sharp objects.Such actions may damage the membrane and even lose their hearing.

to treat congestion in the ears, you can buy special products, such as ear candles.The main thing in this case - to comply with all the rules that are specified on the packaging or in the accompanying instructions.Try to quickly eliminate the effect of congestion is possible by means of hydrogen peroxide.The ear is necessary to drip a few drops of the drug, and then rinse thoroughly with water.Instead peroxide can try to apply olive oil.