Effect of cervical erosion pregnancy

Cervical erosion - a defect (abnormality) of the epithelium covering the vaginal portion of the cervix.Signs of the disease may be bleeding, including after intercourse, and pain.Cervical erosion does not affect the possibility of pregnancy, but it can affect the course of pregnancy.This disease can cause the following negative consequences: congenital malformations of the fetus, missed abortion, miscarriage the fetus at different stages.At birth discontinuities may occur diseased uterine cervix. After birth, the erosion can be a source of septic complications.

During pregnancy, changes the status and activity of the immune system, hormonal changes, it increases the content of female sex hormones (oestrogens) in the
blood.These changes create favorable conditions for further development of cervical erosion, and can cause a shift of the disease in a more severe pathology (dysplasia, a precancerous condition).

What the detection of cervical erosion pregnancy

In identifying cervical erosion need to pay attention to how the pregnancy.Against the background of pregnancy may appear simple or pseudo erosion after birth or abortion reverse progression of the disease occurs within three to six months.If, after this time, changes in the mucosa of the cervix does not happen, it is required to start treatment.If deterioration occurs before the expiration of this period, the treatment administered immediately.

None of the conventional methods of treatment of cervical erosion during pregnancy is unacceptable.Patients were allowed to receive prescribed during pregnancy metabolic drugs that improve metabolism.Also prescribed procedures Redevelopment of foci of chronic infection.The state of erosion monitored throughout pregnancy.To do this, every 3 months should be done with a swab of cervical cytology, colposcopy and spend (the procedure inspection of the vagina and cervix using a special instrument called a colposcope below).If the disease does not change to a more severe stage, no treatment. If erosion has a large size or its pathological changes occur, treatment is initiated without waiting for the end of the pregnancy.

The postpartum period is necessary to visit the office of cervical pathology.After all the necessary tests to exclude malignant lesions, treatment of cervical erosion is postponed to a distant time.This measure is necessary to restore the original level of immunity and hormone levels in the blood, which had been pre-pregnancy.And only after that proceed to treatments (moxibustion laser, liquid nitrogen, drug treatment, and others.).