caller disease itch mite is able to be transmitted from an infected person to a healthy case of direct (family, sexual contact) and indirect (through shared objects) a method of contacting.
Scabies is a highly contagious disease, so is diagnosed more often than other skin diseases.The maximum density of the disease is observed in countries with low levels of hygiene culture.Considerable spread of scabies has during wars, economic downturns, natural and social upheavals.In a fairly well-off countries experiencing outbreaks of disease due to the deterioration of living conditions of individual gruapp population.
considerable prevalence of scabies is in Russian.This is facilitated by the hostilities in certain regions of the country and borderi
ng areas, the increase in the number of migrants, street children and socially disadvantaged groups.The increase in incidence is associated with the development of crime, an increase in alcoholics, drug addicts and people who have promiscuous.Progression of the disease contributes to reduced immunity of the majority population.
The above factors create favorable conditions for the creation of spontaneous foci of mange.Under the hearth is a group of people in which there is a patient, capable of transmitting the infection to others.Fireplace with one infected refers to the potential hotbeds of scabies, with a pair or more of patients - to existing or radiates.
most often infected scabies occur within the family when one person brings home an infection, and make the rest of it.In such cases, fixed hearth and home with scabies infestation.This one spouse infects another through sexual contact, the virus is transmitted to children by household.Slightly less common cases where the relatives of ticks transmitted periodically in contact with the family, is a hotbed of infection.
scabies can be transmitted through the foci of infection and in organized groups.The latter, in turn, are divided into groups, where the transmission of the pathogen occurs in conditions similar family hearth (hostels, camps, etc.) And in the group in which these conditions are absent, resulting in does not create the threat of the epidemic (group of childrengardens, classes in schools, and others.).
very often, not all forms of recorded cases extrafocal spread scabies.In these cases, the pathogen is transmitted in saunas, bathhouses, hotels, trains, long-distance routes.
After diagnosing scabies, an expert appointed by the treatment that will quickly get rid of unwanted symptoms.Leave the disease can not be ignored in any case.