Vitamins - organic compounds of different chemical nature, is an important component of the power needed in trace amounts, but of great importance to human life.
Take any vitamins indiscriminately undesirable, since some of them can cause allergies or hypervitaminosis.To start taking vitamins, it is recommended to consult a doctor and get tested, then the doctor will determine which medicines will approach if your symptoms.If unable to attend the clinic should give preference to a balanced multivitamin complex.The pharmacist can advise what kind of complex is suitable for your age, gender and health status.
However, doctors are also advised not to get involved in synthetic drugs, and give preference to season
al products, the use of which can restore the balance of vitamins and minerals.
most essential vitamins in the spring - it's vitamins A, B, and C. Vitamin A is found in foods such as beans, carrots, beets, natural butter, parsley, eggs, red fish;positive effect on the skin and hair.
Vitamin B can be found in meat, boiled potatoes, grains, beans, peanuts.These products relieve tension, improve protein metabolism in tissues and cells.
Vitamin C rich sorrel, sour cabbage, kiwi, lemon, rose hips.The use of these products contributes to strengthening the body's immune, it gives vitality and improves the resistance of the organism.
most fragile vitamin - E - known as a source of beauty and youth.It belongs to the group of fat-soluble and is one of the most unstable.E - does not accumulate in the body, and therefore it is necessary to regularly update the balance by eating the liver, cereals and oil.
Spring beriberi, as any disease is easier to prevent than to treat.It is important to follow the diet, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, winter and spring if possible refrain from diets.Diet - an additional factor contributing to the development of beriberi.During the winter months a preference for eating better to give porridge (oats, barley, buckwheat), eat fish, frozen or dried fruits and vegetables.During this period should be limited to the use of fatty meat, bakery products and sweets.