Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids

recently treated by means of surgical intervention, but in the early stages are still effective in the conservative treatment of this disease, especially if you combine them with a change in diet and lifestyle.Modern drugs, which include ointments and suppositories for hemorrhoids, have a complex effect and produce a triple effect: analgesic, anti-inflammatory and thrombolytic.Due to the large number of components, they are effective in the treatment of early stages of the disease, as well as in combination therapy in advanced cases.

But ointments and candles should be chosen taking into acc
ount the particular case, since some of them have a directional effect and are intended only for pain relief or to stop bleeding, remove the inflammatory process.In addition, they are not only the action but also the producing country.With the same composition, drugs produced in Russia will be cheaper.The choice of means of hemorrhoids should be made taking into account convenience and stage of the disease - someone will be enough ointments, and someone will need regular use of rectal suppositories.

What is the remedy for hemorrhoids choose

Of course, you can make a choice on their own, especially because all the ointments and candles have a therapeutic effect and do not have significant side effects.Selection of the dosage form is not important, but many prefer to spark since the active substance preparation in this case is absorbed into the body in a shorter time, which enables to obtain speedy results.

If you do not know exactly what you need medication to ease the pain before you show your doctor, choose one that has a complex action.Typically, the composition of such agents include heparin, lidocaine and prednisone.Heparin inhibits the formation of blood clots, lidocaine has analgesic effect, and prednisone relieves itching, burning, and acts as protivoallergen.The same effect is benzocaine and procaine.

Judging by the reviews, very effective candles and ointments, which structure further includes ihtiola and propolis, reduces inflammation and swelling, improve circulation, reduce congestion processes in the blood.

But still, it is not necessary to experiment on yourself, it is best to consult a doctor who can appoint drugs, depending on the stage of the disease, since they do not all have the same effect.