reasons for constipation in pregnant

Approximately 50% of women experience during pregnancy with the phenomenon of constipation.The reasons for this are many, for example, is an increased level of progesterone, which retains water in the body, causing swelling and slows intestinal motility.

second reason for constipation in women is poor diet during pregnancy.Inadequate intake of fiber, which is so good for the intestinal motility, fear drink plenty of fluids.

But the most important and common cause of constipation in women who are pregnant, is the lack of movement and a sedentary lifestyle, and actively enlarged uterus presses on the bowel loops.Because of the risk of losing the baby, expectant mothers are ready for days to lie in bed at rest.However, this is no good in the end does not.

What laxative is best for pregnant women

choose from constipation medication for pregnant women should be very careful, because you can not provoke much peristalsis.Tablets need to be absolutely safe and does not affect the fetus.

To avoid constipation, expectant mother need to revise your diet to include in the diet of fruits and vegetables, dairy products and drink the liquid in an amount of 2-2.5 liters.But sometimes without taking laxatives can not do.For example, a safe and effective is "Duphalac".

In the structure "Dufalac" contains lactulose, it gently stimulate peristaltic bowel function, stool consistency varies, thereby emptying.This drug is not addictive, after the abolition of the intestine can work independently.

Often doctors prescribe for pregnant syrup "Prelaks" in its composition also includes lactulose.The mechanism of action is identical to the "Duphalac".Syrup is produced in Russia, so it is more profitable for the price."Normolakt" and "Tranzipeg" laktulozsoderzhaschimi are also drugs that are approved for use in women position.

course, apply a laxative during pregnancy is necessary only in extreme cases.Try changing the diet and to include in the mode of the day a little exercise.The drug from constipation should appoint a doctor, because that specialist will be able to choose the best and safest option that will not adversely affect the condition of the mother and fetus.