«Mexidol" used in the vegetative-vascular dystonia, acute stroke, anxiety disorders accompanying neurotic and neurosis-like condition in atherosclerotic disorders of brain function, vascular encephalopathy, with alcohol withdrawalsyndrome, acute intoxication antipsychotics, acute purulent inflammation localized in the abdominal cavity (pancreatic necrosis, peritonitis, pancreatitis), as well as in conditions involving hypoxia, when exposed to extreme factors.
«Mexidol" is able to protect cells from excessive oxidation, helps restore the lipid membranes of cells, increases tolerance by the body hypoxia activates mental performance, learning ability, memory, suppresses anxiety, fear, anxiety, regulates bloodcholesterol.The drug increases the body's resistance to stress and other negative effects of factors (hypoxia, ischemia, shock, stroke, alcohol in
toxication).The drug is available in tablets and injectable solution.The dose and duration of treatment should be determined by the physician.
The drug begins with a dose of 125-250 mg (one or two tablets), it is necessary to gradually increase the amount until the desired effect is achieved.The maximum daily amount "Mexidol" - 800 mg (six tablets).The drug in the tablets should be taken within two to six weeks.To arrest the alcohol withdrawal syndrome, "Mexidol" taken for five to seven days.The drug should be stopped gradually to reduce the number of daily for two to three days.The solution "Mexidol" is administered intravenously or intramuscularly.The daily dose should not exceed 1200 mg.In acute cerebral circulatory disorders in the first ten to fourteen days the drug is administered at 200-500 mg two to four times a day (intravenously) in the next two weeks, two or three times a day for 200-250 mg (intramuscularly).
«Mexidol" is contraindicated in acute human liver and kidneys, with hypersensitivity to the components of the funds in the period of pregnancy and lactation.The drug can cause the following side effects: allergic reactions, nausea, dry mouth.In an application "Mexidol" may increase the effects of anticonvulsants, anxiolytics - benzodiazepine derivatives, antiparkinsonian drugs.