Tip 1: How to take creatine powder

Creatine - acid synthesized from glycine and arginine.Development occurs in the kidneys, liver and pancreas.The greatest number of essential amino acid found in meat and fish.Additional supplementation with creatine content is indicated for increased physical activity, as well as to maximize muscle mass that often practiced by bodybuilders and athletes.

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Creatine powder is recommended to breed in cold beverages: juice, water, juice.To improve physical strength and stamina, increase muscle mass, take 5g of creatine 4-5 times a day.The powder was dissolved immediately before use in your favorite beverage and drink during or after a meal.This method of loading is considered, that is, the body is rapidly saturated with creatine.Muscle mass increases, increases physical strength and endurance.After six weeks, lower the dose to 3 grams a day and take the powder dissolved 1 time per day during lunch.

If necessary, long-term use of creatine dosage for adults should not be higher tha
n 3 grams per day.It is better to be divided into 2-3.The best option - to dissolve 1 g of creatine in water or cold tea, juice, taken immediately after a meal.

Children who are underweight may appoint creatine supplementation at a dose of 0.5 g powder dissolved in water, juice or any other beverage and let the child after breakfast.

for bodybuilders, who are planning to rapidly build muscle, creatine dose is 20 grams, divided into 4 doses.This method can be used for 4 weeks.Then you must make a two-week break and continue taking on this scheme.

Exceeding the dose of 20 g of creatine in the possibility of side effects.Moreover, the effectiveness of the drug in powder, capsules or tablets do not improve.Therefore, 20 g - is the maximum dose, which should not be increased.

Contraindications to receive

Creatine Creatine is contraindicated if you are hypersensitive, asthma, allergies, skin diseases, liver and kidney dysfunction.During pregnancy and lactation on creatine supplementation should be abandoned.Suffice it to diversify your diet and daily consume red meat or fatty fish varieties.

When used high doses of creatine powder may develop kidney failure.Before taking this medication, you must obtain a doctor's recommendation.

When using creatine powder should give up coffee, strong tea, alcoholic beverages.Buy drug in the form of capsules, powders or tablets can be the counter without a doctor's prescription.

Creatine does not apply to prohibited drugs, so it can be used by athletes in all kinds of competitions, contests, international championships.Also, creatine supplementation is recommended for anyone who wants to feel cheerful, full of strength and energy.

Tip 2: How to take creatine in capsules

Creatine - a protein which is composed of three essential amino acids: arginine, glycine, methionine. Creatine is synthesized in the form of artificial essentially of cyanamide.In nature, in its natural concentration contained within muscle fibers in the form of creatine phosphate.
How to take creatine in capsules
If you take creatine capsules or powder constantly - it will lead to capacity and increase muscle mass.This happens due to the stimulation of domestic protein synthesis in the muscle fibers.Muscle tissue will be more resilient and solid, but not to be confused creatine with steroids, which increase muscle volume by delaying their water. Creatine at times increases the strength and endurance of athletes receiving it.
total, there are two schemes of how best to take creatine capsules or powder, they are about equally effective, but have a difference in terms of the use of creatine nagruzki.Shema with a weekly load: in the first week of creatineshould be taken by 5 g - 4 times daily.In the next six weeks, taking 3 g - 1 time per day.After that you should spend a 2-week vacation, and then the cycle repeats.
Driving without a load a little bit easier: Creatine is taken for 3 - 5 g once a day.Reception cycle length - from one month to six months.Then, weekly rest and the cycle repeats.
sure to read the instructions, it will be an example of creatine supplementation, as well as the proportion of creatine in one capsule.
Very well to combine creatine with protein shakes and vitamin complexes.During the reception, please refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages and strong coffee.
It is worth remembering that the allergies, asthmatics, people with liver and kidney problems, and pregnant women should not use creatine in order to avoid possible negative effects.Among the side effects is rare, but there are nausea, dizziness, diarrhea.
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