Instructions for use powder "Baneotsin┬╗

This medicine is used in medical therapy following bacterial infections of the skin: moist impetigo, infected diaper dermatitis, chickenpox, eczema, varicose ulcers of the lower extremities.Also, "Baneotsin" in powder form exhibits high efficiency when a secondary bacterial infection caused by herpes viruses.Moreover, the medicament may be used for the prevention of neonatal umbilical hernia.

addition, this drug has been used successfully in the postoperative period after catheterization, tissue excision and episiotomy.Powder "Baneotsin" excellent for the treatment of bu
rns, mastitis and obstetric injuries such as rupture of the perineum cracks.The drug has a sufficiently powerful antibacterial action, so there is a rapid destruction of the pathogen, thereby accelerating the healing of wounds and abrasions.In addition, the medicament "Baneotsin" reduces the severity of inflammation.

medicament should be thin solely to affected areas of the skin from two to four times per day.Be aware that the daily dose of medicament should not exceed one gram.Typically, the duration of treatment therapy is seven days.Patients suffering from burns must use the powder is not more than once a day, particularly in the case of loss of kidney function.Chickenpox formed bubbles must be treated twice a day for as long as they do not appear on the crust.It should be noted that long-term use "Baneotsina" may provoke fungal infections, thus require the use of additional drugs.

What are the contraindications to the use of powder "Baneotsin┬╗

Contraindications include the presence of severe renal impairment due to kidney or heart failure, extensive skin lesions - there is a risk of ototoxic action of systemic absorption.In addition, strictly forbidden to use this medication for people suffering from eye diseases and cochle-vestibular apparatus.Also unacceptable to use powder "Baneotsin" in the case of hypersensitivity to neomycin, bacitracin, or to other aminoglycosides.In addition, the medicament should be used cautiously in infants, acidosis, or any pathologies of muscular and nervous systems.