«Djufaston" - a synthetic hormone that performs the function of natural progesterone.The drug helps prepare the endometrium of the uterus for pregnancy and after its occurrence to maintain the ovum.If the doctor has appointed you to taking the drug, it means your body does not have enough of their own hormone progesterone and its urgent need to replenish that pregnancy is not ended in miscarriage or the deserted fruit.
Very often, the drug is administered at the planning stage of pregnancy, when it is proved that the level of the hormone progesterone in a woman's body is reduced.But to obtain reliable results only after the deposit of an analysis.If the doctor prescribes you a drug without prior examination, is to doubt his competence, even if you really want a child and previous pregnancies ended in
miscarriage you.The fact is that the cause of past miscarriages could be not lower progesterone levels, and a number of other diseases that can lead to such unpleasant consequences.
not drink "Djufaston" during pregnancy, just in case, because unauthorized changes in hormonal levels can adversely affect your health in the long run lead to faulty metabolism.How to take "Djufaston" during pregnancy?If the pregnancy after taking the drug for 3-6 menstrual cycles, then continue to drink it is necessary, or a sharp decline in the level of this hormone in the blood lead to miscarriage.The dosage of the drug determined by the physician, but it is usually 20 mg per day, that is, you should drink one pill 2 times a day.
This is a universal scheme of treatment, in the same way you should take the medication during pregnancy, even before him encountered.In this case, the indication for the use are usually abdominal pain and bleeding.Cancelling hormone therapy should be gradual, starting with the 20th week of pregnancy, some women are advised to stop taking Duphaston at the 16th week of pregnancy.In any case, you should pre-consult on this matter with your doctor.
If you sharply question arose about the threat of miscarriage, you can take 40 mg of the drug at a time, and then reduce the dosage.All this needs to be clarified with your doctor, who may decide after kolpotsitologii - studies to help assess the condition of the vaginal epithelium.
During treatment "djufaston" you will experience nausea, headache and dizziness.This is a normal reaction and should not be afraid.It is more difficult with allergic reactions and bleeding.These side effects need to immediately report to the doctor.Contraindications to receive the drug are diseases of the heart, liver, and sickle cell anemia.