benefits of pine trees is not only to develop delicious surprise air rich in oxygen and volatile production.Scots pine growing in almost all natural part of Russia, it is also used for medicinal purposes.For the manufacture of medicinal and cosmetic products using pine needles, resin, tar and kidneys.

needles pine needles are usually rich in vitamin C, the content of which increases during the cold season and reduced spring and summer.Pine needles can be used as a basis for vitamin drink: pour finely chopped pine needles with warm water and give the brew.This drink improves the immune system and is a preventive measure against seasonal infections.From pine needles also receive essential oil used both for air fresheners and aromatherapy.


Pine buds are also used in the treatment of diseases
of the throat and lungs.Regular use of a decoction of pine buds helps reduce inflammation, struggling with a dry cough, hysterical.This broth can not only drink, but also used for inhalations.As a means of relaxation and rest, you can use the bath with a decoction of pine buds (10 to 50 liters of water gr.pochek).Such bath will give strength, improve health, calm the nervous system.

resin and its derivatives

Amber resin, turpentine and its derivatives are also used in folk and traditional medicine.The simplest use of resin - chewing rolled up balls - improves the condition of the teeth, cleans and disinfects mouth.You can use pine resin as a disinfecting agent for scratch wounds as healing in cases of dry cracked skin.

Turpentine, of which the sap, distilled into a liquid volatile substance -skipidar.Natural turpentine is used as a mild anesthetic and a means of parasites.Note that the turpentine in large quantities is dangerous to human health, and it should be used cautiously.Turpentine is sold in all pharmacies as a standalone product.

Tar also obtained during the processing of resin, is widely used in cosmetology.Tar soap, in spite of its pungent smell, is still one of the most purchased products soapmaking Russia, as it helps in the treatment of skin diseases (eczema, allergies, pimples and blackheads).From pharmacy tar makes ointments and creams.