effective antibiotics

should be noted that medical therapy mycoplasma using antibacterial drugs is compulsorily carried out under the supervision of the attending physician.After self may worsen the dynamics of the process and, therefore, the development of antibiotic resistance acting on mycoplasma.Antibacterial agents are the primary method of treatment of mycoplasma.However, these parasitic organisms are sensitive not to all antibiotics.

most highly effective in all types of medical care are mycoplasma antibiotics fluoroquinolones.These drugs have the following names: "Ciprofloxacin",
"pefloxacin" "Norfloxacin" "enoxacin" "lomefloxacin" "fleroxacin".These drugs have not only a wide range of actions, but also the ability to achieve high therapeutic concentrations in the organs of the urogenital system.Furthermore, fluoroquinolones have a bactericidal effect due to the impact on the metabolism of bacterial DNA.

However, special preference is given to the treatment of mycoplasma drug "Ofloxacin", which also belongs to the group of fluoroquinolones.This is because such an antibacterial agent even destroys those microorganisms which are sufficiently resistant to most antibiotics.In addition, "Ofloxacin" affects the structure of the cytoplasm, causing them to change, thereby providing a destruction of harmful viruses.It should be borne in mind that before the appointment of antibacterial therapy specialist usually recommend that patients undergo laboratory tests on the sensitivity of detection of mycoplasma strains to antibiotics of different groups, including fluoroquinolones.

What are the laboratory tests for the detection of mycoplasma

most informative in determining the diagnosis of mycoplasma PCR is considered a biomaterial contained in a smear and bacteriological examination to detect the possible associated genital infections.PCR survey has high accuracy in the determination of even a small population of microbes.It is noteworthy that in the diagnosis of mycoplasma present study is basic.Serological surveys carried out for the detection of antibodies to specific pathogens.However, this diagnosis does not give accurate results about the dynamics of the process and effectiveness of prescribed treatments.Bacteriological and microscopic analysis to determine the stroke related illness.When the full examination urologist or gynecologist can prescribe adequate medical treatment in full.

What might be the consequences of mycoplasma

Mycoplasmosis is an insidious disease that can result in serious complications arise.Female infertility is able to develop as a result of inflammation of the fallopian tubes.The fact is that with the defeat of the endometrium of the uterus in case fertilization of the egg can not attach and continue to develop in the inflamed tissue.Consequently, in this conception is not possible.The appearance of male infertility and impotence is characterized by lesions of the prostate and testicles.These diseases lead to a lack of erection and contribute to disruption of sperm quality.In addition, mycoplasmosis can cause miscarriage or premature delivery.This is directly related to the infection of the uterine endometrium, is a necessary environment for the development of the embryo.