«Metrogil Dent" is white.The composition of the drug include metronidazole and chlorhexidine gluconate.Chlorhexidine - a preservative, which has a marked antibacterial activity.Metronidazole also has an antibacterial effect and inhibits certain types of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, which can cause periodontal disease.
There are such indications for the use of the gel: various types of gingivitis, periodontitis, chronic ulcerative stomatitis, periodontal abscess, post-extraction alveolitis symptoms of infectious diseases in the mouth, gangrenous pulpitis and periodontitis adolescence.Among contra distinguish allergic to the components of the drug, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.Some people may have side effects as head
ache and metal taste in the mouth.
«Metrogil Dent" goes on sale in special laminated plastic packages, the so-called tubes.The maximum amount of a single tube with a gel of '20 Neck packaging gel "Metrogil Dent" is covered with a special protective membrane, which is laminated with a plastic film to create a seal.Each tube is wound is closed with a lid and placed in a cardboard box with instructions for use of the drug.
Gel "Metrogil Dent" does not require special skills for its application.You should know that before applying the gel should be thoroughly brush your teeth simple hygienic toothpaste that you use every day.Then you need to remove a bit of the gel from the tube and put it on a cotton swab, then gently spread the drug to the gums.If you are in the presence of cotton sticks no need to purchase them or apply the gel finger pre-washed hands.
next step after application of the gel on the gums will be maintaining a drug on the gums 30 minutes.At this crucial stage of the use of "Metragil Dent" is strictly forbidden eating and drinking.You can try to distract and occupy yourself some useful work, such as cleaning the apartment or applying makeup morning.
to achieve full therapeutic effect of this procedure should be repeated twice a day.The duration of the full course of treatment gel "Metragil Dent" is ten days.If the patient suffers from chronic periodontitis, the treatment will be repeated three times a year.
Applying gel "Metragil Dent" does not cause discomfort, since the drug has a rather pleasant smell and taste.As for the younger age group - "Metragil Dent" approved for use by children of six years.