«Esperal": indications, contraindications, reviews

«Esperal" is available in tablet form for oral administration, tablets for subcutaneous implantation, gel.As a means of alcoholism drug is prescribed depending on the stage, when the patient is not able to control the amount of alcohol consumed.The tool is used to prevent recurrence during the treatment of alcohol dependence, as a detoxifying agent in the poisoning of nickel during the treatment of chronic alcoholism.

«Esperal" increases the concentration of metabolites of ethanol with alcohol, as a result there are nausea, vomiting, flushing, malaise, lowering blood pressure.The reaction of the organism to alcohol intake on the background of the drug can be quickly and delayed.When a quick response there violations of the cardiovascular and central nervous system.When the delayed reaction of the pat
ient may develop chronic hepatitis, kidney disease, pancreas.

agent is contraindicated in severe diseases of the cardiovascular system (myocarditis, cardiovascular disease), with hypersensitivity to the components in the neuro-psychiatric disorders, kidney or liver failure, diabetes, epilepsy, pregnancy, lactation.In many reviews, after taking the drug appears metallic taste, allergic reactions, headache, lower limb polyneuritis, psychoses.You may receive a memory loss, confusion, optic neuritis, gastritis.In the opinion, in rare cases there are cerebral thrombosis, fatigue, hepatitis. Do not use tool if the patient has taken alcohol or drugs containing alcohol during the previous 24 hours.

Drug Usage "Esperal»

Before using "esperal" the patient should not for two or three days to drink alcoholic beverages.In the form of tablets means should be taken once a day (in the morning, during breakfast) in an amount of 0.5 g After 8-10 days after the start of the drug should be held teturam-alcohol test.It is repeated in the hospital - after one or two days out - in three to five days.Next "Esperal" is used in the maintenance dose 0,150-0,2 grams per day for one to three years. in the form of a gel "Esperal" implanted and exerts its action is similar to tablets.

Implantation tablet "Esperal" must be entered in the muscle tissue of the upper part of the buttocks or in the left iliac region to a depth of 4 cm. The product is implanted after anesthesia and disinfection.The total dose of medicament conductivity is eight tablets (0.8 g).After implantation in the incision sutured, and sterile dressing.Validity is determined by the dose of the drug and chosen individually in each case (from 6 months to five years).