«oxoline" - ointment for external use.The main active ingredient tetraksolin auxiliary ingredients: petrolatum and mineral oil.Used for the prevention of influenza, treatment of viral rhinitis, herpes initial stage, warts.

Ointment "oxoline" effective remedy for children

According to numerous reviews, ointment "oxoline" great for kids to reduce the incidence of colds and flu.Many parents smeared her children spouts on prescription. Apply the ointment "oxoline" necessary in each nostril of the child in a small amount.To do this, use a special cotton swabs. This procedure they spend 2 times a day - morning and evening.After her parents report that their children have become much less sick influenza and viral diseases.Even during the epidemics in most cases the child's immune system to cope wi
th the bad bacteria.Those parents whose children still catch a cold or the flu, talk about what their child recover more quickly.Complications after this is not observed.

Ointment "oxoline": whether to use an adult?

Since many parents saw a great effect from the use of this ointment as a preventive measure against influenza and viral diseases in their children, they, too, have begun to actively apply it.And here the reviews were not all positive. manufacturer instructions warns that in some cases, after using the ointment "oxoline" may be allergic.It manifests because hypersensitivity to one of the components of the drug. For example, some say that they have after the first application "oxoline" appeared allergies.In the end, it took a drink protivogistaminnye drugs and abandon the use of this ointment.

other adults after using ointment "oxoline" did not notice any effect.According to them, the incidence of influenza has not decreased, despite the regular demonstrate how this drug.

Some consumers said that the ointment "oxoline" is effective in the early stages of occurrence of herpes.Suffice it to lubricate it inflamed area a few times to notice the positive effects and prevent the formation of boils.Such rapid positive result as was seen customers do not provide many of the expensive ointment.

Only not many get the drug "oxoline" for the treatment of warts.However, those who use it say that the effect occurs only after prolonged use.