Instructions for Use "Diana 35»

Before the start of the drug to choose a convenient time to receive it: drink "Diana 35" should be in the same time, such as after lunch or dinner.In day 1 tablet should be taken with a little water."Diana 35" take on a calendar diagram on the package.The first day of admission should correspond to the first day of the menstrual cycle.After 21 days should be a break for the monthly period (7 days).After 28 days, repeat the cycle of tablet-taking from the next pack.

If you want to go to the "Diana 35" with other contraceptive methods, needed to adhere to the following scheme.When tablets containing progestins, this means starting to take without interruption.When combined medication "Diana 35" should be drunk immediately after application of the activ
e pills prior preparation, but no later than the day after the seven-day break.If the previous contraceptive use was carried out within 28 days, "Diane-35" have to start taking after the last inactive pills. To go to implant the drug begin immediately on the day of removal.

When switching from injectable forms of birth control pills need to start receiving funds in the day to be injected.In all cases, go to the "Diana 35" during the first seven days, you need to additionally use a barrier method of contraception.

reviews, side effects, "Diana 35»

In the opinion of the drug, "Diana 35" is generally well tolerated.In rare cases, side effects occur, they often appear in the first few months.Observed intermenstrual bleeding, headaches, weight change, nausea, vomiting, allergic reactions, and increase breast engorgement, the appearance of secretions from the breast. If you want to delay the onset of menstruation, do not break, and immediately start receiving pills from a new package.

In some cases, vomiting and diarrhea lead to the removal of the drug.If these symptoms have stopped for the day, "Diana 35" should be taken again, with symptoms longer need to use other methods of contraception.At the admission of tablet (not more than 12 hours) to take the drug as soon as possible.Next reception "Diana 35" should be at the usual time.In case of delay more than 12 hours decreases the reliability of contraceptive protection.In this case it is necessary to use a barrier method of contraception for the next seven days.