Benefits "Tandum Verde»

drug is effective and safe drugs among their profile.In the application it has an absorbent action and mucosa penetrates deeply into the layers epitalii, thereby relieving inflammation in tissues by restoring the microcirculation and reduce pain sensitivity.Also, "Verde" has antibacterial activity against a variety of bacteria and fungi.

drug commonly prescribed for the treatment of children, pregnant women and mothers during lactation.Use it safe as side effects of medication is not causing and o
perates a local way.Security depends on the type of issue, children can not drink tablets, rinse the solution is contraindicated.Recommends the use of an aerosol - a small splash in the mouth is not difficult. not be allowed contact with the eyes.If you experience dryness and a burning sensation after application of the "Tantum" cure diluted with water.

In inflammatory diseases caused by various infections apply "Tandum Verde" is necessary in conjunction with other prescribed medications.Physicians for a more pronounced use of the drug is recommended before applying the spray to thoroughly wash the nose and mouth.

Harmful "Tandum Verde»

drug does not show its effectiveness and harms health by self-medication and does not respect the instructions for use.Although the summary states that "Verde" helps when you cough arising from tickling in the throat, in fact it is the wrong conclusion.In this application, spray can even cause choking and spasm, in particular bronchitis and tracheitis.Contraindications for the use of funds is also the idiosyncrasy of one of the components of the aerosol composition. «Tandum Verde" can not be assigned their own!You should always seek the advice of your doctor.Do not take more than seven days.The drug is used in the overall treatment of the disease.Compatible with all medications.

used to spray "Tanduma Verde" can be used with the birth of the child.To date, set a different age - from three years.Part of the preparation benzidiamin stimulating effect on cellular metabolism, while the younger child of such an impact can lead to bad consequences.Some pediatricians recommend children under three years of spraying spray cheek without touching the throat and tonsils, especially at a stomatitis.When pregnancy is recommended to use the drug with caution.Although it established that the components that make up the funds do not penetrate into the mother's milk to support this research was conducted.

In the process of receiving the "Tantum" can be confusing side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.You may experience drowsiness, headache, lethargy.In rare cases, rash, allergy, angioedema.