Medical methods for termination of lactation apply in exceptional cases of absolute indications.All medications to suppress lactation have a whole range of undesirable side effects and can cause serious health problems.
¬ęLevopoda" is used to suppress lactation twice daily at a dose of 0.5 g per reception.When hypertension, endocrine disorders and renal failure receiving "Levopody" strictly contraindicated.
¬ęsinestrol" in the form of tablets or "mikrofollin" - estrogensoderzhaschie drugs inhibit lactation in a few days.Contraindicated in hypertension, diabetes, endocrine disorders, diseases of the veins, liver and kidneys.Hormonal agents can lead to serious health problems.
Androgensoderzhaschie t
ools such as "Testosterone propionate" in the form of an oily solution used for injections can be administered to enhance the effect of drugs estrogensoderjath.
Gestagens used to suppress lactation for 10 days.Your doctor may prescribe "Norkolut" 20 mg, divided into several stages, or dydrogesterone "Djufaston."
Worldwide used to suppress lactation drugs that inhibit the production of prolactin, "bromocriptine", "Dostinex."Derivatives of ergot alkaloids three hours after administration inhibit the production of milk.Medicines are available on prescription, since they have many side effects and can cause endocrine pathology.
Stop lactation can use herbal.First, you must get rid of excess fluid in the body, and to limit the use of water, tea, milk, coffee and other drinks, soups.
reduce hot flashes milk, you can use broth bilberry leaf, horsetail, bearberry, elecampane, corn stigmas.
infusion of belladonna, sage, mint, will have anti-inflammatory effect and help reduce the amount of milk production.