Indications for "drotaverine"

"Drotaverinum" is used in smooth muscle spasms of various origins.The drug acts on smooth muscle cells of the genitourinary, digestive and cardiovascular system."Drotaverinum" prescribed to eliminate the spasm and pain, spastic nature cholecystitis, ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, constipation, spastic etiology, spastic colitis, intestinal colic at a delay of gases.It is used to relieve spasm when pyelitis, proctitis, cystitis, nephrolithiasis and uretrolitiaze."Drotaverinum" prescribed for algodismenoree to eliminate spasm of the uterus during pregnancy, with protracted disclosure cervix, uterine spasm of the pharynx during postnatal contractions. "Drotaverinum" is also prescribed as a vasodilator vascular spasm, headaches caused by a spasm of blo
od vessels.

Instructions for Use "drotaverine"

"Drotaverinum" is taken orally with or without food, without chewing and drinking water.The duration of treatment and the dose the doctor should be determined individually.When the pain of spastic character for adults and children at the age of twelve years, usually given two or three times a day by 40-80 mg (1-2 tablets) of the drug "Drotaverinum."Children under 12 years of age the dose is also determined by the physician.Most often prescribe 20 mg (0.5 tablets) once or twice a day - children with age from six to twelve years.Children two to six years appoint 10-20 mg "drotaverine" (0.25-0.5 tablets) once or twice a day. highest dose "Drotavenina" is 240 milligrams per day.

Side effects and contraindications to "drotaverine"

"Drotaverinum" generally well tolerated, but may develop nausea, vomiting, defecation disorders, disorders of sleep, headache, syncope, tachycardia, arrhythmia, lowering blood pressure, bronchospasm, swelling of the lining of the nose, allergic reactions.The drug is contraindicated in severe hypersensitivity to the drug, in severe hypotension, severe heart failure, cardiogenic shock, renal, liver failure.

drug is prescribed with caution to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding."Drotaverinum" is not prescribed to patients whose work is directly related to driving or complex mechanisms.If necessary, the drug required to refrain from doing such work for one hour."Drotaverinum" prescribed during pregnancy only if the usefulness of the drug for the mother greater than the potential risk to the unborn child.