essential drugs for herpes antiviral drugs are prescribed as a general therapy, and as a topical treatment.The most popular "Acyclovir" and all its analogs, such as "Zovirax".Specifically, "Acyclovir" suspend the livelihoods of viruses that cause herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2, herpes zoster, chickenpox, and others. Intravenous drug that you can assign at herpes encephalitis, eczema, pneumonia, and herpes infection in newborns."Acyclovir" as an ointment or gel used in topical treatment of skin infections, including genital skin, lips and eyes.
There are gels and ointments plant, to which belongs "Panavir."Its constituent antiviral substance kills the virus at the site of its manifestation, saving you from the pain, itching and burning, and pr
omoting rapid healing of ulcers without scars and marks."Valaciclovir" or "Valtrex" is similar to "acyclovir" action, but refers to a second-generation drugs are more effective against viruses causing herpes zoster and genital herpes.In the case of genital herpes caused by HSV strains atsiklovirustoychivymi, you may be offered an alternative - "Famciclovir" or "Famvir" and "Foscarnet".
Use "Alpizarin" for the treatment of herpetic lesions of different localization.Ointment can be directly applied to the mucous membranes and can make applications.In severe infection caused by HSV, the drug can be assigned to you orally.Often doctors antiviral therapy complementary immunostimulatory.Drugs of this type can not kill viruses and bacteria, but they can increase the body's defenses and activate killer cells and lymphocytes.These drugs include "TSikloferon", which greatly facilitates the patient's condition and accelerates the healing process.
From topical medications can be identified "Viru Merz gel", "Dokazanol" and "tromantadine", but they are effective only in the early stages of the disease.You can buy in a pharmacy and "Gerperaks" is the Indian analogue "Acyclovir", which can be used for the treatment of HSV, and prevention.You can not go wrong if instead will get "Gerpevir", "Viroleks" or "Tsiklovir."To improve immunity to buy "Amiksin", "polioksidony", "immunoglobulin", "Immunal" and others.