Instructions for Use "Novinet»

«Novinet" is used to prevent unwanted pregnancies.The drug is beginning to take on the first day of menstruation and continue to drink one tablet daily, for 21 days.After completing this course you need to do a week's break, after this course of reception "Novinet" resumes.During a week's break should begin menstruation.The drug continues to take regardless of whether or not your period has ended.After an abortion, "Novinet" start drinking from the first day after surgery. «Novinet" contains the hormones estrogen and progestogen desogestrel ethinyl estradiol.

Accepted at one and the same time of day, you can not allow a break of more than 12 hours.In this case, take two pills at once "Novinet" and used within a week in addition other methods of contrac
eption.If the drug on the first day of menstruation was omitted course begins on the second or fifth day.However, in this case, means exhibits a low contraceptive effect, so this week should use additional methods of protection against unwanted pregnancy.

Besides contraceptive action, the drug has a therapeutic effect: it aligns the menstrual cycle, reduces blood loss, reduces inflammatory processes in the genital organs of women.On responses after applying "Novinet" improving skin condition, reduces the risk of ectopic pregnancy, tumors of the endometrium, ovary, breast.

reviews the application "Novinet" contra

reviews "Novinet" mostly positive, thanks to the low content of hormones in this preparation.However, in some instances, it can cause migraine, depression, nausea, vomiting, ulcerative colitis, amenorrhea, intermenstrual bleeding, thromboembolism, inflammation, change in weight, fluid retention, erythema, an allergy. Reception tablets should be discontinued in the event of an exacerbation of systemic lupus erythematosus, hypertension, pulmonary thromboembolism, Sydenham chorea, myocardial, hearing loss.

«Novinet" is contraindicated in angiopathy diabetic, dyslipidemia and venous thromboembolism in medical history of ischemic stroke, jaundice, heart, endometrial hyperplasia, severe liver pathologies, headaches, gallstones, cancer of the liver, pancreatitis, vaginal bleeding unclearorigin, otosclerosis, estrogen-presence of tumors in the individual hypersensitivity.

tool for reviews suppresses the production of milk, so the lactation is not recommended to take it.Tablets are contraindicated for pregnant women, smoking women (especially after the age of 35 years).Precautions "Novinet" prescribed for heart defects, epilepsy, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, varicose disease, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, with the tendency to form blood clots.