«Kanefron" has antispasmodic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties.The preparation contains extracts of rosemary, lovage and centaury."Kanefron" is considered to be effective and safe, so it is often prescribed during pregnancy in order to improve the work of the urinary system, which is experiencing increased stress during this period.In acute and chronic pyelonephritis in pregnant tool improves the general condition, softens lumbar pain, faster recovery time.The drug relaxes blood vessels urinary tract, prevents the development of infections, helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body.
«Kanefron" is produced in the form of drops and pills.According to the instructions of the drug dosage is 50 drops three times a day, or 2 tablets three times a day."Kanefron"
during pregnancy should be taken only on prescription in the above named dosages.The physician may prescribe lower doses, e.g., one or pellet 50 drops twice a day, or 30 drops three times a day.You can not increase the dosage on their own, as lovage and rosemary in large quantities leads to hypertonicity of the uterus.The duration of treatment is determined by the physician on an individual basis.On average, it is 2 weeks.In the case of chronic kidney disease "Kanefron" may be appointed for the entire period of pregnancy.While receiving the drug should be carefully observe the reaction of the organism.
Take pills inside, not chewing and drinking a small amount of water.Before using the drug solution Shake the bottle well, keep using it vertically.Dilute the desired number of drops in a small volume of water.It is recommended to take the medicine at about the same time.During the reception, "kanefron" drink plenty of fluids.
«Kanefron" contraindicated if you are hypersensitive components.The drug is usually well tolerated, in rare cases may develop allergic reactions.Data on the toxicity and overdose "kanefron" no.The tool is sold without a doctor's prescription.The shelf life of the drug - three years.Opened vials should be used within six months, during storage may be falling precipitation.