Instructions for Use "Betadine»

«Betadine" is beginning to have its effect within 15-30 seconds after application.A minute later there is a destruction of microorganisms.Clinical trials of the drug have shown that it acts longer than ordinary alcohol solutions of iodine, without causing irritating.The drug is available as a solution, ointment, aerosol, vaginal tablets and suppositories.

Ointment "Betadine" indicated for the prevention of infection in minor surgery, bruises, burns, cuts.It is used for the treatment of venous ulcers, infected pressure sores, bacterial, fungal and mixed skin infections.The ointment is applied topically.Wound surface before applying the product was purified and allowed to dry.The drug is applied in a thin layer and then impose aseptic bandage.Infe
ctious wounds must be treated within two weeks once or twice a day. A dirty wounds to prevent infection "Betadine" is used once every three days to achieve the desired effect.

solution "Betadine" is used for antiseptic treatment of burn wounds, surgical or for hygienic hand disinfection, antiseptic treatment of the skin, mucous membranes prior to surgery or procedure, as a first aid for contamination of skin or mucous membranes infected material.The solution preparation can be used in undiluted form or diluted with water.

Candles and vaginal tablets "Betadine" is used for chronic and acute infections of the vagina: genital herpes, bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas infection.They are used to the diagnostic obstetrical procedures before the transvaginal surgery, with vaginal yeast infections caused by antimicrobial therapy or steroid medications.

Candles "Betadine" need a little wet before use.Suppositories or vaginal tablet inserted deep into the vagina once a day (before bedtime)."Betadine" can be used during menstruation.Duration of treatment - 1 week, if necessary, the course may be extended by the attending physician.The doctor also can increase the dose to two suppositories.

Side effects "Betadine»

«Betadine" in reviews are usually well tolerated, but in some cases, possible itching and redness of the skin, the appearance of dermatitis with psoriasiform elements can be shown hypersensitivity reactions, anaphylactic reaction (asthma, low blood pressure). use of "Betadine" on large areas of skin can cause renal failure, elevated levels of sodium in the blood.

data on the interaction of "Betadine" with no alcohol.More details contraindications and side effects are described in the annotations to the drug.