Drug Usage

The drug is used to induce labor when they delay (primary or secondary weakness of labor).Also, "Oxytocin" is used for early termination of pregnancy due to complications of the mother's health or violations of the fetus.The drug is often prescribed for the prevention of uterine bleeding after the abortion procedure.After the delivery the drug can speed recovery and the involution of the uterus.Indications for use of medicines is gipolaktatsiya, pain during premenstrual syndrome, accompanied by all sorts of edema and weight gain.


The most common drug injected intramuscularly to achieve maximum efficiency and a lon
g-acting agent.For emergency use necessity "Oxytocin" must enter the drug intravenously, wherein the administration is made possible slowly and evenly."Oxytocin" is usually administered in a dose of 1 to 3 IU (International Units).1 vial (1 ml) "Oxytocin" equals 5 IU.When cesarean section introduces the entire vial.For special medical preparation may be assigned in a dosage of 5 to 10 IU.

Overdose If overdose is possible the effect of over-stimulation of the uterus, which can cause it to break.Symptoms of excessive use of the drug may include severe bleeding after childbirth, fetal hypoxia or hypercapnia, as well as the appearance of seizures.

Side effects

Among the side effects of medication may be noted nausea, vomiting, arrhythmia, bradycardia, typical for both the mother and the fetus.In some patients, there is an increase or decrease in pressure, water retention in the body, the occurrence of allergic reactions to components of the drug, bronchospasm, jaundice.Because of the strong impact and dangerous side effects associated with the life of a patient, the drug is used under medical supervision in a hospital.This involves monitoring indicators of uterine contractions.Also it conducted surveillance of the fetus and the atmospheric pressure.Controlled by the general condition of the patient.

Do not take the drug to patients with a diagnosis of a narrow pelvis and malposition in the uterus.It is forbidden to enter "Oxytocin" premature labor, as well as the state of the uterus, close to tearing or overstretching.