Location kidney

right kidney is slightly below the left - the difference in the height of their location can reach no more than 1.5 cm. The upper end of the kidney comes to the ribs 11, but in some cases the body can be placed, and below, dependingthe individual characteristics of the structure of the body.


has kidney bean shape.On the surface there is a fibrous material having a dark red color and serves as protection for the body.The shell can be easily separated from the kidney, in the absence of any pathology.

lateral area of ​​the kidney is convex, while the medial section is slightly concave and facing down.The concave portion has a gate through which the organ penetrate the artery and nerve fibers.Through
this input are Vienna, lymph vessels, the ureter.Gates go to the substance that has the name Sinus Renalis. rear surface of the kidney less arched than the front.

right kidney is in contact with the adrenal gland, and most of it is adjacent to the liver.The lower end of the right kidney has a serous cover.The left kidney is also adrenal, and 1/3 of its top surface it is adjacent to the stomach.The middle part of the left kidney in contact with the pancreas and the lower loop is adjacent to the small intestine.The rear surface of each kidney in contact with a diaphragm that separates the kidney from the pleural area.

internal structure

kidney itself consists of a cavity Sinus Renalis, which houses the renal cup.The body also has its own substance, which is divided into two parts: the cortex and medulla.

Cork has a thickness of 4 mm.Brain same substance consists of entities having a conical shape and is called "renal pyramids."The tops of the pyramids connect each rounded elevations 12, which are called papillae.Each generation has a small hole through which urine is released into the cup Kidney (urinary tract).Part of the cortex lies between the pyramids and separates them. an adult human kidney smoother.

Each kidney contains tubes called kidney channels that go to the blood capillaries.Each ball of capillaries lies in a kind of capsule, which form the renal corpuscles.When you view the body in the context of the bull appear as red dots.System organ finishes collecting tube having a plurality of short channels, which together with the renal corpuscles and channels form nephrons, releasing urine.